Café Riviera, Inc. 830 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222tel.: (718) 383-8450 e-mail:

Café Riviera first opened its doors many years ago in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The menu is an irresistible blend of comfort-oriented classics and elegant baked goods but the speciality of the house is European croissant! There are more than 25 varieties baked fresh daily and every day you can find a new pastry of the day. The stores are inspired by old-time French Cafe and are warm and inviting with Parisian Tables and chairs from the beggining of 20th century, tiled floors and wall to wall treats.

Among various styles of pastries the most recommended by us, are: - napoleons, - apple pies, - donuts, - croissants, - cranberry pies, - cheesecakes, - tarts, - traditional Polish, Italian and French cakes and pastries - for kids, for bride and groom, for everyone

Besides, you are always welcome to taste our delicious coffee, prepared according to Italian and French tradition

created by Notice Kiosk